now, we are all wanderers on net, searching among the blogs of cities or digging the city for the stories to blog… hmm, at the moment, it is certain that i am not a storyteller, good for you. however, if you stay for a while (a lifetime for instance) in this city, it will be shame if you don’t read a line from sait faik. you can visit princes’ islands (adalar in turkish,) or get a nice shot from raki (not a suitable drink choice for stallone of course.) that’s ok but still you don’t know anything about the other side of istanbul, you didn’t hear the whisper, mew of the most well-known short story writer. sait faik , the firend of seagulls as fans call him, wrote about the underdog, the common, the ordinary people in istanbul with an ironic poetical sense.

sleeping in the forest – sait faik (maybe you should check out the bookstores, if you are anti- online-shopping-person, greenhouse on anatolian side or robinson crusoe, pandora bookstores on european side.)

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