Okay Temiz and Rythm Group

Last Saturday I went to Yeni Melek show center down in Taksim to see Okay Temiz and his Rythm Group. I have understood that Temiz is quite famous in Turkey, while I mostly knew about him because of his collaborations with the quirky American jazz legend Don Cherry while they both lived in Sweden back in the seventies. Every time I hear Temiz the similarities with Cherry always strike me, especially that limitless playfullness which sometimes is taken so far that it’s impossible to distinguish from children’s play. For Cherry avant garde jazz could be something very serious. But it could also be just playing jazz in a silly hat.

Before the main consert we are given two impressive lessons in drumming. First a very short, but intense one by the cuban representative followed by a Bulgarian couple on percussion and female vocals. After a short break the main concert follows and most striking this time is that the – quite large – scene is crammed with people. The bulk of these are his percussion students. Maybe there is a hundred of them, creating the latin rythms that are the backbone for most of the songs.

Temiz himself is something to behold. There are never any doubts that he is the boss, giving orders and sometimes breaks into his musicians solos with his drums in ways that are hard to make sense of. But he also contributes with a few striking solos, one of them on one of the instruments of his own invention. I don’t know the name of that instrument, but it looks terrific and it’s sound stunned me. (It looks like bow and a huge ball. It’s shown, but not named here.)

But mostly Temiz take the place of the director. There are certainly enough talented musicians on stage for that. The melodies are mainly played by a saxophone and some kind of flute, but they have to live with being shadowed by all the drummers on the stage. Sometimes I get exalted, sometimes it’s very good and when it’s less brilliant they can still transfer to me the joy of beating on a drum.

Really something. Even though I had to stand on the minibus back to Sariyer I shined all the way.

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