My Newsflash..

I liked the last newsflash of mine a lot, so I do this again. Here is the news from my point of view;

1) AIBO says goodbye… You know this little robot dog, don’t u? If Aibo had to live in Istanbul, he’d have to be on the streets like many others, collecting ‘batteries’ from trash. Just imagine people buying themselves Aibo dogs and not being able to take care of them and daddy takes a ride with it to the woods and leaves the dog there under the trees somewhere….

2) I have this feeling that Apple has started a rather offensive marketing in Turkey, at least in Istanbul. I see advertisements of Apple IMC which makes me really happy. Ok, they are still way too expensive when compared to PCs or Apple products abroad but hey, they are still pretty and here !

3) Bill Gates was here in Turkey. Imagine, that Bill Gates ! Do you remember when one of his men came along for an hour or so and it was big excitement for the nation ? Now the man himself was here and this creates questions in my mind. Why on earth would someone who has never been interested in this country before all of a sudden decide to pay a visit to the highest offices ?You know the answer, don’t you ? I hope you do. I really wouldn’t like the case that my land pays for inefficient software which won’t teach me anything or make my life easier.

4) Don’t let the good weather fool you. On Sunday it is gonna get colder again. First the rain will come, then snow will follow. Oh…Erm…. Don’t forget to put on that extra sweater… Maybe no country shall give us gas anymore… You never know…

We could really become the most exciting blog in the world… If we could give it a real try :)

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