noise of the lambs: sacrifice feast

we are about to celebrate turkey’s longest religious feast on january 10th. muslims believe abraham was going to sacrifice his son ishmael in the name of god but god stopped him and gave him a sheep to sacrifice instead. this story belongs to other abrahamic religions, too. according to bob dylan, god wanted abraham to kill his son out on highway 61, huh.

maybe it sounds weird, after feeding and chucking a cute sheep on the eve of the feast and then you are watching the murder by cutting its throat the other day. to me, apart from all the elite?s stupid debates on wilderness of this tradition (?cause i know it has all its own pagan roots) the holiday is more important for my poor lazy soul. in a world where brother kills brother, our woolly friends are only collateral reasons to cry, so cruel? forget alice and go ask bush.

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