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flying over the tombs

Eyup Sultan district, as the mystic center of the city, has a new touristy tool: a cableway (teleferic) from the Pierre Loti Hill to the Halic (Golden Horn) shores near to the Eyup Sultan Mosque.

2 cabins and 32 passengers each round, the cableway reach 55m. altitude.

In those 2 minutes of journey, you may experience a strange feeling as you were flying over the tombs like ascending spirits.

Another possibility is, that you may picture Golden Horn from a moving sight.


nobese on ntv

last thursday, ntv, the news channel, reported on the nobese people mentioned here. for those who have missed it, captures have been uploaded to the indymedia site: downloadable version, the video stream.


For those who are interested in seeing Istanbul in all its glory and cannot afford a trip to the closest satellite, I would advise them to visit the following website and see how beautiful our city looks from up there. (Please don’t click if vertigo is an issue for you.)

Picasso, after a very long time, visits Turkey again

135 of Picassos works will be on display at the prestigious Sakip Sabanci Museum
from the 24th of November till the 26th of March 2006.
Pictures taken by famous photographers of Picassos family as well as documentaries will also
be shown at the exhibition.
We are extremly lucky to have such an exhibition in Istanbul, it is very exciting to know
that one of our museums is well esteemed enough to host such important works of art.

Sakip Sabanci Museum:
Sakip sabanci Cad. No:22
Opening days/hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 10AM to 6PM Wednesdays from
10AM to 10PM – Closed on Mondays.
Tel: 0212/2772200

Killing in the name of….?

I never liked soccer… Well, ok, this is not completely true; I liked it when I played soccer with my pals back then. We used to take it so serious that we had our own standart teams, hired a soccer ground (oh yes, we were spoiled kids!) and had a referee who was older than we were.

But mind you, we never wanted to kill each other.

I could not escape from the news, of course because if you are turkish and live abroad, people ask you about it every second. All I could say was that I am not interested in this national tradition but on the other hand it makes me think.

I wonder why this small ball and 22 people running after it attracts so many people, so much that they would be ready to kill the opponent.

Now the Swiss are screaming their lungs out (they are kinda right though), telling they felt death on their forehead. Some others who are not really into soccer but ethnical politics started saying the Turks are barbars as usual. I haven’t heard this sentence for ages and all of a sudden it appears again.

Such stuff happens all the time. Fanatics and hooligans always make trouble. I remember one game (I guess that was an english team agains a turkish one) after which there was a fight in Taksim and one english guy got stabbed and died. It was horrible, but still it was a pretty personal thing.

What I see in the papers now is something totally different. There is a collective action, there is collective hate and there is violence performed by everybody, even by the Swiss who are wellknown for their peaceful manners.

I don’t understand why it should/would matter if we make it to the world championship. Well, I know it is then promotion for the country and yes, we are all proud then and yes, I would see the final games, too. But losing a game is a part of the game. Who loses better demonstrates a good functioning civilized digestion of the situation which is supposed to be our standard.

We always seem to have one shot… and this time the bullet flies backwards….. Towards us…

Now I know better why I don’t like soccer. Now I know how dangerous a public interest of this size can be when combined with fanatic feelings.

I am so sorry and probably because I don’t like this sport I must feel shame..

But I don’t really want to be killing in the name of a ball…

the survey

hello to you, dear anonymous reader. if you are a regular reader of the metblogs, or the istanbul metblog site, you have already noticed the huge link above, directing you to the metblogs survey. please take a moment to take the survey and help us figure out who you are, what you like about the site(s) and, etc.

Home again? Good to be home again ?

After spending three gorgeous weeks in magnificent Berlin (mind you, I actually live there!), I’ll be coming back to Istanbul in a couple of days. Absolutely for professional purposes and nothing more.

But there was a time when I thought I could not live anywhere else but in Istanbul.

Istanbul… the city of my first kiss…. the place I cried out loud for the very first time… the first city that hurt me….

I remember being in

Hello Father, I am shot, I’ll die…

A soldier on duty in East Turkey….. 3 days to the end of Ramadan…

Private Oğuz Parparoğlu returns to Uludere, Şırnak after spending 10 days with his family in Istanbul. He and his friends go on a routine patrol… They all get trapped by terrorists, all get shot… All die….Oğuz manages to take out his cellular just before he dies and dials the number of his parents

‘ Hello Father, All my friends are dead, I am shot, too. I can’t feel my body, I’ll die. Thank you for all! Tell my mother not to cry…’

Phone falls down… Other shots are heard…

Oğuz had only three months to his release.

What excuse shall all those supporting terrorists in eastern Turkey have this time ? Why can’t they just do their shit somewhere else or even better no more? How many more should die ?

I wish from the very deep of my heart for God’s hammer to fall on these murderers…. Let God’s curse be on you all your life…. All your damned life…

Human rights activist Eren Keskin detained and freed?


Lawyer and human rights activist Eren Keskin, chief of the Istanbul Human Rights Association (İHD), was taken into custody at Atat?rport on sunday, and then freed today, after her testimonies were recorded by four different courts in Istanbul?

There were 11 issues of arrest warrant in absentia for Keskin since she failed to show up for a court session in which she was being tried for a speech she delivered in Germany. She was claimed to have insulted the Turkish Armed Forces in her speech?

Eren Keskin has faced 86 lawsuits in relation to her human rights activities, and been repeatedly harassed because of her work: She is one of the founders of a legal aid project for women survivors of sexual assault in custody, and has exposed the torture of women prisoners in Turkey?

the best taxi driver

i saw him from taksimetre. without doubt; when asked to utter the name of most famous Turk many people will say mahir. Having chosen the best domain name he could find with his double-dutch English and having been a reknowned figure once upon a time, he is remembered with a sincere smiley on the faces nowadays.
Yet, how about the second Turk? He , who has even been granted a documentary of himself in Discovery Channel, namely İhsan Aknur: the answer to the question of the best taxi driver and the mere cyber star of the taxi drivers scene.

Actually, the rise of both figures come out of their ill- formed English, however İhsan goes on to improve it and make a website. In the website where there is broadcasting not only in English but in other languages as well, we read about İhsan himself, those insults and news about the site together with those news about İstanbul and Turkey.

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