Two days – Two reviews

This weekend I decided, for the good of mankind and humanity, to go test two restaurants that I had heard of.

Lets start our tour with Viktor Levi in Beyoglu to which we went on Saturday might with Dee. Please let me quote what their brochure says;

Historical Wine House 1914 – Historical Viktor Levi Wine House is a restaurant in istanbul with quality of service, local cheese kinds, international cuisines in which Turkish and Greek appetizers are rich, where you can have wine and food with low prices in a confortable atmosphere.

Historical Viktor Levi Wine House has the property of being of the oldest wine houses since 1914. It has the conscions of being able to serve you smiling face, a beter flavour in protect this feature and gain your favour.

(the nonsense, spelling mistakes and grammatical faults have been copied directly from the restaurants brochure)

This place was terrible. The decoration reminded me of the tacky touristic Greek restaurants you’d find in every capital city in Europe (maybe we are finally ready to enter the EU?). You will dine with mosaics of Greek Goddesses looking down upon your meal and rude waiters which don’t have much consideration for the service they are supposed to provide to their customer.

My friend and I weren’t welcomed when we entered the restaurant, the waiters thought that standing and staring was much more productive, so we decided to pick out our places ourselves. Once seated, we were given two menus and fifteen minutes later our orders were taken. My friend ordered Gourmet Steak and I ordered Chicken Siciliana (God forbid any Sicilians hearing this part, they’d probably tear the place apart). When confronted to the menu, the prices are so high that you would think the food would be beyond delicious. That’s where you’d be wrong my friend! Dee got served semi cold meat that was grilled on a grill where fish had been grilled before hand (either that or the sauce that was on the meat had been flavored with some fish stock.) Her meat was small and the plates were extremely badly presented. For 17 YTL you would think they would put more effort in the presentation of their dishes. My chicken Siciliana was nice, it was filled with melted cheese and pine nuts. It was served alongside cold rice and cold vegetables.

Obviously Viktor Levi is a wine house but if you decide to put a choice of dishes on your menu, maybe you should consider making these edible and decorate them so that they don’t remind you of food served in school cantines. I hear the wine is decent, so if you still decide to go to Viktor Levi, stay away from the food and stick to getting yourself drunk on cheap wine. (the brochure said so!)

The only thing I really liked about the place was all the f

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