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Organized irresponsibility defies taking risks for any change


say hi to your new Other

On the 18th of December, the day after the EU summit, where the EU agreed to start talks on Turkey joining the Union, Japanese tourists in Kopenhagen were surprised to see the famous Little Mermaid covered with a burka. Some mischievous fellows have chosen to protest the decision of the EU by dressing up the sculpture.

Rather than trying to demonstrate how misleading and distorted a vision of Turkey most of the people in Europe have (the sub-text of which would in some way read: please, please like us, we are no different than you folks), we would like to write about the effects of the decision on our individual lives here on the Istanbul metroblog. New posts will follow. Any ideas or questions from the visitors are welcome.

Words are meaningless, especially sentences…


While all of our writers are trying to figure out what to write about this european union thing,I think this cartoon shows what will happen.

Istanbul gives you all..

Friday.left the office tea in soho lounge with a friend enjoying bosphorous. bought funky, poshy but cheap clothes from aznavur and terkos *so you can spare some money for more vodka, later*. more drinks in a gloria jeans copied cafe.we hate starbucks and gloria jean’s.cooked some delicious Turkish food.smoking some pot and chilling in with friends arguing about european union. oh gosh!.early drinks in indigo.more vodka and crystal in ortakoy. dreamy basslines and drums coming out of the rulez!.a physco taxi driver.doner&atom in bambi.sleep.saturday.finished the last week’s illustrations.designed some freelance work.a movie with an ex-bf. another movie with a future ex.rumelihisarı.oh dope again!. seinfeld!.dress for succes!.markiz buz!visiting some gay bars meeting very interesting people.crystal in ortak�y again all!.libido out of control.having sex.*I knew they were interesting*.sunday. a great, 5 hours long brunch in pancafe cihangir.chilling out in rumelihisarı.fucking cold!.back home writing this shit.telling lies to myself that I have so much energy because of Rei Ki Tummo Padmajaya

but I guess I’m having a manic attack thats all. :-)

god bless istanbul.

erection reset by bear

I have never seen so many bears in my whole life. I am talking about the United Buddy Bears that have visited istanbul in line with the tolerance festival.

Those are little buddies that have been dressed (actually painted) to reflect the cultural characteristics of 120 different countries. I liked the bears of the Netherlands and Luxemburg the most, whereas the German Bear frightened the hell out of me. But the most spectacular one is the Turkish Bear, designed by Mustafa Tun�bilek, which, for me, is a fine example of kitsch and has nothing to do with Turkey. By the way, they are in search for a new design of our bear. You can submit your vote here in the Buddy Survey.

Notorious micro-tyrannies in the suburban slum…


In their daily lives, they don’t exist as being women, but as humans reduced only to be unlucky substitutes of their husbands: They are the women living in the suburban barracks or shabby houses of slum areas in Istanbul…

They are hardly literate since most of them had only visited a few grades of primary school. But their television-literacy level is equal to the average value for the entire Turkey! And this circumstance happens to be a resource justifying the only psychological common ground they share with their husbands: “We believe we are the victims of our destinies.” This feeling of being defeated dropouts, brings a new discourse to the speeches of their men, such as “raising a rage against being a victim of status quo, but also being unable to change the situation.”

This rage, that cannot be reflected out in the form of constructive and liberating energy, does inevitably burst out in the form of a violence or humiliation towards the family members. And behind the closed doors of slum area in Istanbul, a micro-fascism prevails, while the resident social-ethic values support these micro-tyrannies…

An average person who believes he/she is a victim, is usually very keen on watching how other people are also sacrificed or deprived of their hopes in the reality shows on the television. This pathetic attitude becomes the way slum residents find entertainment and excitement at home… Now it may be helpful to remember Pir Sultan Abdal, a legendary Sufi poet, and one of his aphorisms reading “There is no wood or fuel in the hell. One brings his own flame.”

In our story about the deprived families, now comes the notorious part: The diligent women of slums go to work in the other people’s houses in the richer or high-society parts of Istanbul, to perform a daily housekeeping job. And they end up making more money than their husbands’ wages, who meanwhile sit back in the barracks or shabby homes in the slums… A certain part of the husbands who allow their wives to work in the richer areas, prefer to sit back home, thanks to this granted and “good” income (yes, the other part of these men feel like hopelessly obliged to sit back, since they really cannot find a job)…

As a part of their very intrinsic nature, men living on their wives’ money, perform a pure vulgarity and a lack of appreciation, and do voluntarily tend to ruin even the slightest possible happiness at the evenings and the nights at home in the slums… Who knows, maybe they just intend to recompansate the pain of unemployment!
Anyway, in most situations, women have no other choice than complaining among each other…

We know that every interpersonal relationship is kind of a game, that is partly based on abusing each other… But there must be something called
“the ethics of usage”
and “the rules of the game”, even in the interpersonal despotisms…

bonfire of the media

As some of you might have read, (those who haven’t, go visit: 1, 2) a fire broke out yesterday during the premiere of a horror movie called Buyu (The Spell). 150 were injured, 5 or 10 are under special treatment. A “fright tunnel” of fabric and candles in the foyer is reported to have caused the fire. (Would it be ignorant to say that the fright tunnel has thus served its due?)

There have been many speculations about the movie (which many see as tactical marketing moves). The cast and the workers claim that all kinds of strange incidents took place during the shooting, such as actresses having accidents or getting ill, ambulances awaiting possible emergency situations, etc. etc… And now the speculative fire at the premiere. The Turkish media will sure make the most out of it and report about the event and the film for days (or at least until the 17th, the day of the EU summit). But my special award for dumb and yet entertaining journalism goes to ATV, a major TV channel, that presented the report with the headline: Turkish Horror Film, starring the victims coming out of the theatre all black in the face and panicking. They have also added a special Before/After feature where the screen is divided into two parts; on the Before part we see members of the cast as they go into the theatre with their evening dresses (happy and chic), on the After part, the very same person all black in the face and crying. This went on for about 20 minutes and at the the end came the credits with special thanks to all the hospitals that hosted the injured. Very tasty and creative indeed.

F1 Istanbul

Now, now. �The all time most boring sports ever� list goes like this:

3.American football
5.Formula 1

And this blog will be about no 5: Formula 1.

Why do i write a blog about it, if it�s that boring? Because it�s coming to İstanbul and because it�s a nice example of what you can do with marketing

Ok so what�s the appeal of F1, fast cars right? Right, but how can you say that a car is fast when you see it on tv with nothing else to compare. Yes, every now and then two cars come real close in the race but lets face it, all you see is two cars going at almost the same pace. Apart from the little sign which says “215 kmp/h� down on your screen there is no way to say how fast they are.

They could be racing at 60 kmp/h for all i know. So long for fast cars eh?

So maybe you like seeing weird shaped hyper-aerodynamic cars passing eachother, i got news for you mate, it only happens 5 or 6 times every race and it doesn�t really happen between any flashy teams. Suckers get passed and we all smile, thinking what a great guy Michael Schumacher is. By the way he�s probably the best driver in the history but there is really really no way to tell it since his car is always way better than the others.

But then they say that a billion viewers are watching every GP from their tv�s and there are another 100 thousand on the stands (haha, stands, that�s another funny idea, they pay 50 euros to see car passing by so fast that you can�t say which one it is). I don�t want to analyze the marketing strategies and stuff(and i don�t think i�d be able to do it too) but there is definetly something wrong with it. The single most unwatchable sport, being the most watched sport ever.

Anyway if you are still interested F1 İstanbul Grand Prix will be here on August, 21st.

Please come to Turkey, stay at a hotel, buy the ticket and make us rich.

Hayat SokakTa

sokaktakapak.jpg‘un basılı ayağı olan sokakta cep b



Dijital film festivali resfest nihayete erdi. 15-20 dakika gecikmeyle başlayan g�sterimler ve neredeyse her g�sterim başında ( hem de 3 g�n boyunca aynı kıyafetle )�ıkıp konuşma yapan g�bekli amca dışında herşey yolunda ve olduk�a keyifliydi. (Şarap ikramı i�in dolucayı buradan ailecek kutluyoruz!) Her ne kadar jonathan Glazer retrospektifi ve Bushwacked hayal kırıklığı yaratacak kadar zayıf olsa da kısa filmler �ok başarılıydılar. �zellikle Brand Spanking (Kısalar 2’nin ilk filmi)b�yle sokaklarda dev ekranlarda yayınlanmalı. Film g�sterimleri boyunca i�erde bira i�ebilmek de ayrıca g�zeldi. Kısacası gelecek seneyi iple �ekiyoruz.

Not: Ritmix �ok iğren� bir i�ecek. Milli servete yazık. Ziyan.

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