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A black & white murder in Istanbul


Cihat Aktas, a 16 years old football fan, yellow framed in the picture, was stabbed to death during the latest match of Besiktas, whose club colors are black and white…
Fight, assault and even murder, all loom large as typically localized versions of personal communication attitudes in the daily life of Istanbul…
Growing rates of poverty, unemployment and hopelessness lead people to unethical manners of making a survival, such as hooliganism, street crimes and bag-snatching (�kap ka� in Turkish)…
As time goes by, most of the local people in Istanbul tend to be more cruel and rude against each other… Unequalty and aimlessness prevail…

Resfest 2004 – Istanbul

Resfest is an annual digital film festival. The festival takes place in 33 cities in 13 countries on six continents. It is the largest festival of its kind. This year it’s the eighth festival ,which is the biggest festival yet, with programs that include short films, music videos, motion design, live music, guest speakers and much more.

Between December 11-13, Restfest will be in Istanbul – Yeni Melek Performing Arts Center.

You can get more info about Restfest Istanbul here,
And here is the global site of the festival.

A 1959 Volkswagen Kharman Ghia in MarketingIst

gets_attention.jpgI was in Marketingist yesterday, a 3 day event about marketing. (A 3 day fair and conferences.)

At the back it says “Gets attention doesn’t it? Like Yeni Renk” Anyway I am a huge vw classics fan and I really liked this sports car. There are about 9-10 of these cars in Turkey I guess and as far as I know this the only 1959 one.

Weather Forecasts of Istanbul

There was snow in Istanbul in the morning it lasted about an hour or so and of course it was enough for a medium sized chaos. Traffic jams, hundreds of accidents, slippery pavements… The funny thing about all this stuff is, everybody says something else about the weather. The snow was expected on Sunday, but Sunday it was a bright day with a shining sun… So, I decided to put some links here to compare different weather forecasts… Enjoy the snow…

This is an official (!) source
A foreign source (generally recommended)

(It’s been a while I was away from Metblog, I have spared some posts to post in here, but I am not sure whether would it be overdose for readers… :P – See you back very soon)

a sad anniversary

britcons.jpg i live on the asian part of istanbul. about a year ago, i was having breakfast when i heard a dreadfully loud noise and thought it was the sky falling down on that sunny day. about five minutes later, i heard a second one and rushed to turn on the tv, since we have had suicide bombings on two synagoguges that week. unfortunately, i was not wrong. they had bombed the british consulate and the hsbc bank, which are both on the european side of the city. imagine what it is like to hear it when you live kilometers away, on another continent.

now it has been a year since the two suicide bombings. the two synagogues were bombed on november 15th, a saturday, while a bar mitzvah was being held; the second attacks were on november 20th. 50 were killed and hundreds were injured.

the british consulate is in galatasaray, a very lively district on istiklal street and i took this photo the other day. i read somewhere that prince charles was here for the reopening of the newly constructed building. the reopening took place in october but still the building seems under heavy construction.

wanted: istanbul bloggers

yakışıklı, efendi bir metropol weblogu olan istanbul metroblog, bağlanma sorunları olmayan, ilgisini esirgemeyip en az haftada bir kere yazı girecek, şehr-i istanbulla, sokaklarıyla ve yaşamıyla sevgi&nefret ve daha ne t�rden olursa olsun yakin ilişkiler i�inde bulunan, blog yazma işinden anlayan, kopyala yapıştıra, direkt �eviriye, adam sendeciliğe ka�mayan, kıpır kıpır, hayat dolu bloggerlar arıyor. soruları olanlar yazara mail atabilir, d�nden razı olanlar şuradan başvurularını yapabilir. hepimize iyi şanslar.

voters tales

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the ramadan boat

In Ramadan, municipalities set up tents where the poor can break their fasts for free. Each day the meals are supplied by various firms and sponsors and people wait in queues for hours to get to eat something. This year the Uskudar municipality has done a change and hired a boat (in fact a huge car ferry), decorated it with lights (the thing looks like a vegas casino) and put it into service. Each night, there are theatre shows, concerts and cultural activities after the meal, says a local newspaper. here are some pictures

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