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It’s the reflection of an old apartment into the mirror windows of a new building in Firuzaga, Cihangir.

sharks patrol these waters

A few years back, a close friend of mine was working as a front desk manager in one of the many hotels of Sultan Ahmet (the main tourist district of the city) which made me spent a lot of time in the disrict and get to know the place better than most. Of all the things i

not constantinople

This will be historic. Hopefully in all senses of the word.
What you see in the header of this site is -ofcourse- the infamous view of İstanbul. Here is a short guide for your trip on the pic.

The boat on the left is called Vapur and it’s probably the best public transportation option available in İstanbul. The view is great, the wind blows and if you are infected by romantic literature there are places where you can hold hands and exchange cliches.
Speaking of public transportation, if there are people out there who wants to come to İstanbul, they should know that our public transportation has one main principle: Total chaos. Most of the time it’s like a quantum universe with infinite alternatives. Reading Cosmic Banditos may help but if you are loaded i�d suggest travelling by taxi (please don�t rent a car, the traffic is bad as it is).

Now look 3 cm’s right and you’ll see a big dome with 6 minarets. What you see is the Blue Mosque, one of the land marks of Ottoman Architechture. They say that the minarets form a perfect line which means that when you face one of them head on, you can�t see the others behind it. That�s the kind of precision you get when you face the danger of being beheaded if you screw up. And no, i never tested it as i am not a tourist.

Tracey Emin in Istanbul

Start Date: 24.9.2204
End Date: 13.11.2004
Venue: Platform Garanti Contempoprary Art Centre

“Tracy Istanbul’da” is Emin’s first solo exhibition in Turkey, she came to Turkey for an exhibition in 1997 as well.

White Cube: Tracey Emin
Artcyclopedia – Tracey Emin
EGS Online: Tracey Emin

More about Tracey Istanbul’da…

i think i ran into wookies

Strolling down the Bagdat Street (a district on the Asian part of the city), I caught a glimpse of a weird group of men and women, all dressed in white from head to toes, riding on their white motorbikes. Later on, I came across at least 5 such groups, walking together or riding on, smiling at passer-bys and looking a bit confused.

When asked what they were up to, they said they do not know it themselves, it is kind of a promotion for a big fashion company. And yes, they would love to be photographed; after all it is their job to catch attention and present the concept, although they do not have the slightest idea what it could be.

I’d suggest: “Our fall collection will sure make you look dumb and aimless.”

metroblogging boards

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to catch a thief

Beyond her silence
Underneath her confusion
She waits for her death…

FilmOctober is coming up

The October Film Week, dubbed filmoctober, will take place between 8-14 October at the Emek Movie Theatre for the 3rd year in a row.

This year there will be 20 movies which include brand new movies that made their first appearance in major film festivals such as Cannes and Berlin. Five films that will be commercially screened soon will be also premiered at the Galas at filmoctober. (Pedro Almod�var’s Bad Education is one the galas)

Tickets will be available for purchase on Sunday, 3rd October 2004, through Biletix and at the Emek Movie Theatre box office. (Remember that Biletix adds a service fee)

Here is the official site of FilmOctober.

hello world!

now, istanbul {the cradle of civilizations} rocks the net. yeah!
and another good news from istanbul;
Turkish And Greek Artists Open Exhibition In Istanbul.

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